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If you or anyone you know wishes to conduct an arrest warrant search in Wyoming County in the state of West Virginia, your first step would be to search through court records of open criminal cases. A Clerk of Court maintains the court database and records certain information “on the docket,” including the information on arrest warrants issued in Wyoming County, WV. Court dockets are public records and accessible to everyone. To obtain information on arrest warrants, you will need to look through open criminal cases at the Wyoming County Courthouse (24 Cedar Ave, Pineville, WV 24874) and Magistrate Court (44 Cedar Street, Pineville, WV 24874).

When a judge signs an arrest warrant, it turns into an active warrant. Active warrants become the Sheriff’s office’s responsibility and legally allow officers of the law to arrest a person whose name a warrant has been issued. Active warrants that have not been served yet are called outstanding warrants. If you wish to get information on outstanding warrants in Wyoming County, the easiest way to obtain such data is to contact the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Office. It is located at Bank St & Pineville St, Pineville, WV, 24874.

Furthermore, on the website of the Prosecuting Attorney of Wyoming County (https://www.ccgov.net/135/County-Attorney), you can find the Most Wanted List. As an alternative, you can visit the facility at the following address: 1200 Airport Road Beaver, WV 25813. By contacting the jail, you will obtain the following details on an individual: his or her charges, any outstanding warrants issued in his or her name, and, finally, the amount of bond.

How do you obtain details pertaining to Wyoming County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)      

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 304-732-8000 ext.304 for incident/accident/arrest records.
  • Call the Southern Regional Jail at 304-256-6726 for information on recent arrests.
  • Call the Magistrate’s Court at 304-732-8000, ext. 218, for information on outstanding warrants.
  • Contact the Wyoming County Attorney’s Office at 304-732-8000 for crime victim’s help.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court at 304-732-8000 for starting a criminal case search.

Crime statistics of Wyoming County

Almost 140 criminal complaints were filed by the Wyoming Sheriff’s Department in 2019, compared to the 98 crimes reported in 2018. The figure included 70 property offenses and over 65 crimes against people. The following crimes were reported:

  • 39 larceny thefts
  • 24 burglaries
  • 7 motor vehicle thefts
  • 64 aggravated assaults
  • 1 rapes, and
  • 1 robbery

Earlier crime rates

From 2001 to 2008, 103 violent crimes were reported in Wyoming County, WV. The total number of reported crimes in the county exceeds 1,500. During these eight years, crime increased by 72%; however, the number of violent crimes committed fell by 33%.

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