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Before conducting an arrest warrant search in Hancock County, WV, it would help understand the process used for these detention orders and how arrests are affected by the police. It would be a grave folly to assume that cops can only arrest a suspect if they have an active warrant in their hands.

Warrantless arrests are considered legal, at least as far as felonies are concerned. Even when the matter in question is a misdemeanor, offenders can be detained when a police officer witnesses the crime. Another popular situation in which a person can be arrested on the spot is if he is found to have illicit substances, including narcotics and/or ammunition, during a routine stop and search.

In all other cases, an active warrant will have to be sought. Even when the police are dealing with an absconder or a person who has failed to show up at a court session, the court will have to issue a bench warrant to legalize the detention. As far as Hancock County arrest warrants go, these are issued by the magistrate’s court, but a request has to be placed for them by the office of the sheriff.

When you start searching for outstanding warrants from Hancock County, you will be told about pending detention directives and get information on all arrest records in the subject’s name. For such an inquiry, you will have to write/go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 102 N Court St, New Cumberland, West Virginia 26047
  • The magistrate’s: Given above
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 367, New Cumberland, West Virginia 26047

How do you contact state agencies over the phone for an arrest report or information about warrants from Hancock County? (Updated-2021)

  • If you want to know about arrests, use the phone number of the Sheriff’s Office- 304-564-3311.
  • If you need an accident or arrest report, contact the local police at 304-564-3311 Ext. 295.
  • If you need information pertaining to victim’s rights and assistance, call the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office at 304-564-3933.
  • If you are seeking information about arrest warrants, contact the Magistrate’s Court at 304-564-3080/3355.
  • If you want to know when a criminal case will be heard and how to obtain criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at 304-564-3311, ext. 261

Crime statistics of Hancock County

Hancock County’s crime rate for 2018 stood at 30 reported incidents, which included 20 complaints filed against property offenses and 10 against violent offenses.

The property crimes category included 13 instances of larceny-theft, 6 of burglary, and 1 of motor vehicle theft. Of the 10 complaints filed against violent crimes, 8 were complaints against assault, and 2 were complaints filed against rape.

Earlier crime rate

The annual crime rate of Hancock County, West Virginia stands at almost 200 incidents, of which nearly 20 are violent criminal incidents. These figures are set to increase soon if the rise of over 30% in violent crime and almost 35% in reported crime is considered.

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