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Performing an arrest record search in Upshur County, West Virginia, requires vital information about an individual before developing a business or personal relationship. Arrest records and arrest warrants are general information made readily available to the public via the Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA permits the disclosure of information controlled by the U.S government regarding active warrants, outstanding warrants, and arrest records in Arkansas and all other states across the nation.

There are several ways you can conduct a warrant search in Upshur County to locate active warrants or to find out if someone has ever been subject to an arrest. There are dozen of online resources available that can access arrest records in WV. Most of these third-party vendors will require a valid name, the city, and the state. However, it is strongly recommended for reliable information to use official web portals that offer this service.

Upshur County’s local sheriff station is located at 38 W Main St, Room 101 Buckhannon West Virginia 26201. You can also call the station during regular working hours and request to speak to the clerk in charge of outstanding warrants in Upshur County. You will be asked to give a full name and date of birth.

Arrest warrants are sometimes legally issued by the clerk of courts. So you can visit their office located at the courthouse on 38 West Main Street Buckhannon WV, 26201. In some cases, you will not be able to receive any information via telephone for security purposes. Hence, it would be best to arrive during business hours to gather all the information you need.

How do you contact Upshur County officials to inquire about active warrants and recent arrests? (2021-current)   

  • To get arrest records, call the Sheriff’s Department at 304-472-1182.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Tygart Valley Regional Jail at 304-637-0382.
  • To know how to obtain criminal case records, call the Clerk of Court’s office at 304-472-2370.
  • To request a warrants search, call the Magistrate’s Court at 304-472-2053.
  • To get victim assistance information, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 304-472-9699.

Crime statistics of Upshur County

The annual crime average of Upshur County went from 54 complaints to 14 complaints between 2018 and 2019. Of the total cases filed, property crimes accounted for 11, while violent crimes brought in 3 complaints.

Within these crime categories, larceny-theft accounted for 9 cases, and burglary accounted for 1 case. The 3 cases in the violent crimes category were filed against 1 instance of aggravated assault and 2 instances of rape.

Earlier crime rates

In recent years, a little over twelve hundred crimes were committed in Upshur County. Two hundred of those crimes were deemed to be violent. In the last ten years, Upshur County has seen an increase in crime (violent crimes in particular) by thirty percent.

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