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For a Mercer County arrest warrant search, it would help to go to the police as the sheriff’s office is responsible for petitioning the WV courts for active warrants and executing such directive arrests.

Remember that an outstanding warrant from Mercer County only comes into being when the police manage to convince the judge that there is enough evidence to hold a person responsible for committing a crime. Once an order of this nature has been issued, the police waste no time executing the decree.

This means that any warrant against you can have severe ramifications for your personal and professional life. So, it would be best to conduct regular inquiries into any arrest warrants that may have been released in your name or that of a loved one.

A warrant search done in Mercer County will also get you details on arrest records, charges levied against the accused, and convictions. Applicants who take their inquiry to the county clerk’s office will also be rewarded with details on the civil court dockets. The sheriff’s department cannot provide any information about non-criminal matters unless orders for arrests are issued in such cases.

On its part, the magistrate’s court will be able to furnish additional information about the release of other legal orders such as bench orders for arrests, criminal summons, and more. Of course, when you initiate an inquiry into warrant issues, you are bound to get details on arrest records from Mercer County as well.

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 5429, 1501 W Main St, Princeton, West Virginia 24740
  • Judiciary: 120 Scott St, Princeton, WV 24740
  • County clerk: 1501 Main Street, Princeton, West Virginia 24740

Nearly 10,000 criminal complaints were lodged in Mercer County, WV, through the decade that ended in 2008. The annual average of 1000 incidents that can be deduced from the total number of filed cases through the ten years does not seem too problematic. Yet, it is hard to ignore the over 70% increase seen in crime rates across the area in this period.

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