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The process used for relaying information through Barbour County arrest warrant searches is the same as that followed in other parts of WV. Civilians are encouraged to get in touch with the judiciary or local law enforcement to initiate inquiries concerning active warrants and arrest records. These agencies respond when applicants send requests through mail or make them in person.

All three offices listed below will provide details pertaining to criminal history including the issue of outstanding warrants from Barbour County, arrests made in connection to criminal matters, the court’s ruling in such cases and sentencing. Some of the agencies may also be able to provide additional information about the subject.

For example, the office of the magistrate is in a position to offer details not just on Barbour County arrest warrants but also bench warrants, criminal summons, search orders and subpoenas. Since all of these are sanctioned from the desk of the magistrate, the agency has details pertaining to even those legal instruments that are not handled by the cops, like criminal summons.

Civil matters are also beyond the jurisdiction of the police but they are handled by the county clerk’s office which keeps the court dockets database for all tribunals in the judicial district. Through the agency, you can get the opportunity to browse through this database on your own. To contact them, go to:

  • Law enforcement agency: 8 North Main St, Philippi, West Virginia 26416
  • The county magistrate: As above
  • The clerk of court: As above

Between 2001 and 2008, an estimated 550 criminal incidents were recorded in Barbour County, West Virginia. So, the annual crime average of this area through this period was around 80 occurrences. Of these criminal instances, nearly 7 were found to be of a violent nature while the remaining were related to property vandalism and theft.

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