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An arrest warrant search in Kanawha County can no longer be relegated to the background under the assumption that this is a safety measure required only when hiring new staff. Active warrants for arrests from WV are exclusively issued when the magistrate finds enough merit in the evidence brought forth by the police.

The probable cause affidavit is a writ submitted before the bench by the office of the sheriff. This is a sworn declaration that is used to bring to light crucial case facts and evidence. The sitting judge deliberates on these to ensure that the proof is enough to convince any reasonable person of the accused’s role in commissioning the criminal act.

Thus, orders for arrests are legally termed as active warrants, and these provisions are designed to help the police capture the alleged offender. Unlike other judicial processes like bench warrants, search orders, and the like, which have scores of limitations placed on their execution, arrest warrants can be served anywhere and anytime.

Cops can gain entry into the home of the accused or a privately owned property in a bid to apprehend the offender. Detention under the provisions of an active warrant can also occur in public places. Police are also authorized to use reasonable and required force to bring in the offender. Furthermore, information on Kanawha County outstanding warrants and arrest records are held by multiple state departments, including the FBI.

So, it will not take a police officer more than a few minutes to find all active warrants against a perpetrator’s name. As a civilian interested in a warrant inquiry, you can approach:

  • The sheriff: 301 Virginia St E, Charleston, West Virginia 25301-2522
  • The magistrate: 409 Virginia St E, Charleston, WV 25301
  • The clerk of court: 407 Virginia Street East, Charleston, West Virginia 25301

Over 18,000 criminal complaints are lodged with the police in Kanawha County, WV, annually. Of these reports, an estimated 2400 cases are filed against violent crimes. In this crime category, sexual assault has the highest incident rate with nearly 1300 instances.

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