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In Raleigh County, arrest warrant searches should form a part of your safety protocol, whether you are welcoming a new friend into your home or allowing a new employee into your professional folds. Looking for information on arrest records and active warrants issued here and in the state of WV is a surefire way to ascertain if a person of your knowledge was ever involved in criminal acts.

One way to look for outstanding warrants is to walk into the offices of agencies mentioned below. These state departments are directly involved in the process of issuing and executing orders for arrests. These agencies also play a role in trying the accused, so from them, you can find all details on crime history, including arrest records from Raleigh County.

When you approach the police or a judicial entity like the office of the clerk of court, you will only be offered details on warrants for arrests that have already been served. In other words, there is currently no option available for finding outstanding warrants from Raleigh County.

The reason given for this is that justice agencies would like to prevent scenarios in which civilians find out about active warrants that have yet to be served and try to execute these upon spotting an offender. This put the accused on guard, making it difficult to apprehend him, and people would be endangering themselves by attempting such arrests.

On the other hand, details on arrest warrants that have already been executed help understand a subject’s past. So, you could go to any of the state departments listed below and ask them to conduct a warrant search on your behalf for a small fee.

  • The sheriff’s: 201 South Eisenhower Drive, Beckley, West Virginia 25801
  • The magistrate’s: 215 Main St, Beckley, WV 25801
  • The county clerk’s: 215 Main Street, Beckley, West Virginia 25801

In the ten-year interval between 1999 and 2008, nearly 165,000 crimes were reported in Raleigh County, WV. This gives an annual crime average of almost 16,500 incidents. Of these cases, only about 15% were violent, while the rest of the occurrences were property-related.

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