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A Berkeley County arrest warrant search can be done in several ways; looking for information on WV active warrants online is by far the most popular approach. The police are in charge of all criminal investigations and handling the offenders after their arrests.

They are also known to place the request to release detention and appearance directives such as active warrants and summons. Similarly, the county clerk’s office has its definitive role to play in the judicial makeup. This department maintains the court dockets database and acts as the official record bearer of the judiciary.

Another agency to consider when looking for arrest records and outstanding warrants from Berkeley County is the magistrate’s office. After all, this is the apex body when it comes to the issue of arrest warrants. No judicial order can be passed unless it has the magistrate’s seal of approval.

So, if you are looking for a warrant search in Berkeley, you can approach any of these agencies. If you do have some time on your hands and would like a comprehensive response, you should try all three departments. Like the sheriff’s office, which offers details on the most wanted criminals in the area, the county clerk’s office can provide civil cases information. The judge’s chamber will furnish information on the release of other judicial processes. These agencies work out of:

  • The sheriff’s department: 802 Emmett Rousch Drive, Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401
  • The magistrate’s court: 400 W Stephen St, Martinsburg, WV 25401
  • The county clerk’s office: 100 West King Street, Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401

Can you access the Berkeley County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)    

  • Data on recent arrests: 304-267-0046.
  • Inmate visitation: 304-267-0045.
  • Arrest records and police reports from the Sheriff’s Office: 304-267-7000.
  • Information on arrests and warrants handled by Martinsburg PD: 304-264-2100.
  • Details about assistance available to witnesses and victims: 304-264-1971
  • Questions about arrest warrants: 304-264-1957.
  • Berkeley County Judicial records: 304-264-1918

Crime statistics of Berkeley County

In 2019, the Berkeley Sheriff’s Office received 143 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 499 cases received in 2018. These included 88 property crimes and 55 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 81 larceny thefts, 5 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 48 aggravated assaults and 5 rapes.

Older crime statistics

With almost 21,500 criminal complaints received by the Berkeley County WV police annually, the residents of this area have enough to worry about. To add to their concerns, nearly 18% of the incidents reported are violent. Fortunately, the police have capped the unchecked growth in the crime rates and bring down the figures of violent crime by almost 80% and those of reported crime down by nearly 40%.

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