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You cannot forego the security measure of conducting a Logan County arrest warrant search when trying to fill a job position in your organization. After all, there is no saying when a person with a criminal past may enter your workspace and do insurmountable harm to both your tangible and intangible assets.

Instead of waiting to test the infallibility of your venture, why not err on the side of caution and look for arrest warrants out in the names of chosen candidates. Doing so will help you concentrate better on an application’s skills and academic qualifications once you are sure there is nothing in his past that you ought to be worried about.

To look for information on active warrants and arrest records in Logan County, you can drive down to the police station in your area or visit the local courthouse. The sheriff’s office stores even tiny bits of information about criminal matters that occurred in the neighborhood. They will have details on all orders for arrests and detentions that occurred without warrants.

If the subject was ever held in custody, you are bound to find information on this through the police. The office of the magistrate is no less when it comes to supplying information on criminal history. Outstanding warrants in Logan and other judicial provisions like criminal summons and bench warrants come from the magistrate’s court.

So, you can also conduct your research on warrants and arrests through this agency or take your inquiry to the office of the clerk of court. To connect with these departments, go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 300 Stratton St # 209, Logan, West Virginia 25601
  • The magistrate’s: 300 Stratton Street, Logan, WV 25601
  • The county clerk’s: Courthouse Room 101, Logan, West Virginia 25601

How do I obtain arrest records and warrant information from Logan County over the phone? (Valid until 2021)              

  • The Sheriff’s Office: 304-792-8590 – Call for filing a non-emergency complaint and to request an arrest report.
  • The Magistrate’s Court: 304-792-8650/8651 – Contact for information on arrest warrants.
  • The Southwestern Regional Jail: 304-239-3032 – Call for inquiries about recent arrests.
  • The Victim’s Advocate: 304-792-8670 – Contact to get details on assistance for victims and witnesses
  • The Clerk of Circuit Court: 304-792-8550 – Call for information on accessing judicial records

Crime statistics of Logan County

Logan County’s yearly crime rate increased by 21% to 135 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, 131 were violent crimes.  These included 4 rape cases and 126 violent assaults. Larceny-theft was the subject of the 4 complaints filed against property crimes.

Earlier crime rates

From 2001 through 2008, every year, almost 350 criminal complaints were filed in Logan County, West Virginia. Of these complaints, only about 10% at 30 cases were made against violent matters. Although this may not seem too problematic, there was a rise of almost 16% in the rate of reported crime through this decade.

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