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If someone you know was arrested and needed to perform an arrest warrant search in Mason County of West Virginia, it is highly recommended to contact local police stations first. The Sheriff’s Department can be reached by phone at 304 675-3838, or you can stop by the sheriff’s office, which is located at 200 Sixth Street, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

Arrest warrants are issued by a judge and allow the police officers to arrest a wanted person. Once a local judge issues a warrant, it automatically becomes an active warrant and stays active until a person gets arrested. Thus, if you need to find an outstanding warrant issued in Mason County, the Sheriff’s office will help with it.

If you would like to find the information on open criminal cases, you need to check the court records maintained by a Clerk of Court. A Court Clerk organizes and maintains all court files. To search open criminal cases in Mason County, please visit Mason County Courthouse located at 200 Sixth Street Point Pleasant, WV 25550, or contact the court by phone at 304-675-3480. Moreover, you can always call Mason County Jail at 304 675-3612 to obtain information on an arrestee or visit it personally at the following address: 200 Sixth Street, Point Pleasant, WV 25550.

Arrest records are considered public information and are available to anyone who might need them. By making the information on arrest warrants public, the police have a higher chance of catching a person they are looking to arrest. Arrest warrant records contain very detailed information of a person against whom a warrant was issued, such as a full name, date of birth, physical description, and last known address. Furthermore, plenty of police stations still have notice boards with the most wanted people in Mason County or throughout the state.

Between years 2001 and 2008, 176 violent crimes, out of approximately 3,000 total crimes, were reported in Mason County, West Virginia. According to Mason County crime statistics, someone is a victim of a crime, mostly a theft, 343 times a year.

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