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To get a Clay County arrest warrant search done, you can get in touch with the local sheriff’s office. The state police also keep information on active warrants issued all over WV along with arrest records, court dispositions, charges, correctional details, and more. You can also launch an inquiry into the release of arrest warrants through a judicial agency.

You get two choices in terms of the latter; it is possible to access crime history data through the magistrate’s office or the county clerk’s department. While the sitting judge is in charge of issuing all legal instruments, including active warrants from Clay County, the clerk of the court’s office maintains the database of court dockets. This is done for criminal as well as civil tribunals.

So, when you approach the magistrate’s office, you stand to get information on all sorts of judicial provisions issued in the name of the subject, be they warrants or summons. Similarly, when you connect with the county clerk’s office, you will get details on criminal and non-criminal matters.

Whether you are approaching the cops or the judiciary for your warrant search in Clay County, be prepared to visit the concerned state department in person or initiate contact through mail. At this time, there are no options available to launch an inquiry into outstanding warrants and arrests through online means. The agencies discussed in this article are located at:

  • The sheriff: PO Box 429, Clay, West Virginia 25043
  • The magistrate: 246 Main St, Clay, WV 25043
  • The clerk of court: 207 Main Street, Clay, West Virginia 25043

How do you request information on Clay County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)    

  • Recent arrests related details and inmate search and inmate records: 304-765-7904
  • Criminal case-related questions: 304-587-4260
  • Inquiries pertaining to arrest warrants: 304-587-2131.
  • Information on Victim/Witness assistance: 304-587-2702
  • Questions about judicial records access: 304-587-4256.

Crime statistics of Clay County

Despite the fact that the violent crime average of Clay County in 2019 was a mere 2.7 incidents/1000 persons, the figure offered ample cause for concern. For starters, the annual violent crime average doubled between 2018 and 2019.  What’s more, the incident figures were very close to the 5-year peak of 2.99 recorded in 2017.

Fortunately, the property crime average of 2019 offered some reprieve as it dipped to an annual rate of 8.23 incidents/1000 persons from a high of 11 incidents/1000 persons recorded in the previous year.

Earlier crime rate

In recent years, Clay County, Virginia’s crime average has been above the state criminal index. The total annual crime average peaks at 76 while the state’s yearly index is just at 69. Larceny has the lowest crime index when Clay’s figures are compared with the state and the country. On the other hand, murder and rape with risk averages of 101 and 107 are well over the national and WV indexes.

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