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Many people will tell you that local law enforcement would be the right agency to visit when you need to get an Ohio County arrest warrant search done. While this advice is spot on, the police are far from being the only agency in WV’s justice network that offers information on criminal history. The judiciary also plays an active role in disseminating information on active warrants and arrest records.

Because the magistrate’s court has discretionary powers regarding arrest warrants in Ohio County, this agency will also handle crime data requests. Although the police submit the affidavit required for the court to convene for a pre-warrant hearing, the magistrate holds the authority to put the warrant into effect.

Because an outstanding warrant from Ohio County remains in effect till the perpetrator is brought to justice and since it can be served in any part of the issuing county or the state to that matter, the judiciary has to exercise due diligence when studying the evidence on which orders for arrests are to be based.

Although a passive one, the court’s office clerk also has a role to play in the process. A deputy from this agency is present in the court during the warrant hearing and records all information about the proof gathered by the police, witness testimony if this is used, details about the accused and the criminal occurrence at the center of the debate, and of course the issue of the arrest warrant.

For this reason, you can go to the office of the county clerk or the magistrate just as you would to the police when seeking information on criminal matters. To find these agencies, head to:

  • The Police: 1500 Chapline Street, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003
  • The court: 1500 Chapline St, Wheeling, WV 26003
  • The clerk of court: 1500 Joplin Street, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

If you want to know about Ohio County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update)            

  • Details about arrests can be found by calling 304-843-4067.
  • Investigations-related details can be obtained by calling 304-234-3680.
  • Generation information can be requested by calling 304-234-3606.
  • Details about active warrants can be requested by calling 304-234-3709.
  • Judicial data such as case records and court dockets can be requested by calling 304-234-3611.
  • Incident report and arrest report can be requested by calling 304-234-3792.
  • Victim’s assistance can be requested by calling 304-234-3631.

Crime statistics of Ohio County

Despite a dip of almost 30% in its violent crime rate, Ohio County witnessed over 320 instances of such offenses in 2019. Although lower than the annual average of nearly 500 violent crimes recorded in 2018, the violent offense rate of the area continued to be a matter of concern. To add to the woes of the residents, the property crime rate continued to hover around the 800- incident mark.

Earlier crime rates

Every year, almost 650 crimes are committed in Ohio County, West Virginia. Of these cases, only about 60 are violent, which can be worked out to approximately 10% of the total annual incident rate. Since 2001, there has been a rise of almost 100% in reported criminal incidents and violent crimes.

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