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If you want to initiate an arrest warrant search in Putnam County, WV, it would help to know how active warrants are issued and how these orders flow from the judiciary to the local law enforcement agency. Learning about the procedure followed for the issue of arrest warrants will help you to get maximum information in response to your inquiry.

Active warrants are issued by the magistrate’s court which holds limited jurisdiction in criminal matters, usually restricted to the issue of warrants and dealing with petty crimes. Yet, the police have to convince the magistrate of the complicity of an accused before a warrant is granted against this person.

A strict degree of caution is exercised when it comes to the release of arrest warrants because these judicial orders interfere with the freedom of movement granted by the constitution to all US citizens. Hence the court convenes for a pre-warrant hearing specifically to find if there are any holes in the case formed by the police.

If the sitting judge is convinced that the suspect did have a part to play in commissioning the criminal act in question, a detention order is granted. The police will keep all Putnam County outstanding warrants for arrests with them till they can be served. Even after execution, the sheriff’s office maintains arrest records in connection with the execution of these orders. To find more on warrants, you can go to 3389 Winfield Rd, Winfield, WV 25213. All three agencies discussed above work out of the judicial complex in the area.

Through the ten years between 1999 and 2008, almost 850 instances of crime were committed in Putnam County, West Virginia. Of these incidents, only about 40 were violent in nature. Overall, there has been a deterioration in the crime scenario the area with violent crime logging in a growth of almost 90% and reported crime showing a rise of over 85%.

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