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If you want to get a Gilmer County arrest warrant search done, you will need to approach the records division of the sheriff’s office in your area. This division handles all inquiries from civilians as well as justice agencies for crime history data. However, another branch of the law enforcement agency is responsible for petitioning the court to procure active warrants.

The court convenes to decide on the merits of the police’s evidence in response to a formal affidavit filed with the bench. The court services division gathers information from the investigating officers and puts this down on paper for judicial perusal. This writ is treated as the foundation of the state’s case against the suspect.

The magistrate decides if there is probable cause to hold the accused guilty of the criminal infraction in question. Hearsay evidence, circumstantial proof, and even the police officers’ opinion at the crime scene are taken into account. Once active warrants from Gilmer County are issued, arrests follow rapidly as police officers want to detain offenders before they get the chance to flee the county.

As far as judicial agencies go, the magistrate’s office and the department of the county clerk areas are involved in the procedure used for sanctioning arrest warrants as the police. So, for your inquiry on Gilmer County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you have three state departments as your possible choices:

  • The office of the sheriff: 10 Howard St, Glenville, West Virginia 26351
  • The court of the magistrate: As above
  • The department of the county clerk: As above

Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Gilmer County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)    

  • To request information about active warrants, contact the Court of the Magistrate at 304-462-7812
  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Central Regional Jail at 304-765-7904.
  • To get information about the local arrest records and criminal background check process, contact the Sheriff’s Records Division at 304-462-7441.
  • To communicate with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 304-462-7007
  • To get a certified copy of judicial records, contact the Court Clerk at 304-462-7241.

Crime statistics of Gilmer County

In 2019, Gilmer County witnessed a reduction in the rates of both violent and property crimes. The drop in the rate of violent offenses was substantial, with the annual average settling at 25% of its 2015 level, which stood at 6.14 incidents/1000 persons.

 In comparison, the reduction in the rate of property offenses was more modest, bringing in an annual average of 5.37 incidents/1000 persons as opposed to the 7.32 incident average of 2015.

Earlier crime rate

Between 2001 and 2007, approximately 40 criminal incidents were reported per annum in Gilmer County, West Virginia. Overall, the area’s crime trends showed a remarkable improvement with a drop of almost 500% observed in violent crime rates. In terms of the annual average, the frequency of violent crime is 10% of the yearly total.

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