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An arrest warrant search from Marshall County will bring back results on all detention orders from WV and arrest records. However, people frequently tend to ignore the latter assuming that these detentions have already occurred, so they are of no consequence. This is where the understanding of how arrests arise and the role of an outstanding warrant in the process will help.

The police cannot randomly detain people; the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution has forbidden such practices. If a person is taken into custody for no apparent reason, the detainee can approach the court and demand damages against unlawful arrest. Cops are only allowed to pick up an alleged offender without using an arrest warrant in three scenarios.

  • If they stumble upon him while he is commissioning the crime
  • If there are witnesses who can attest to the involvement of the accused in the criminal act
  • If the offender is arrested while he is trying to flee the crime scene

For misdemeanor offenses, unless the crime is committed in full view of a police officer, an active warrant will have to be sought to apprehend the accused. However, given the heinous nature of felonies, arrests are allowed in such cases merely based on probable cause.

Even when Marshall County active warrants are issued, the magistrate must establish probable cause before signing the order. When you seek information about detention directives, you will also be given the arrest records in your subject’s name. Pay as much attention to these as you would to any general outstanding warrants against this person. To get your hands on this information, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 600 Sixth Street, PO Box 648, Moundsville, West Virginia 26041
  • The magistrate’s: 511 6th St, Moundsville, WV 26041
  • The county clerk’s: 7th Tomlinson, Moundsville, West Virginia 26041

Can you get details about Marshall County recent arrests and active warrants over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • To learn about arrests, call the Northern Correctional Facility at 304-843-4067.
  • To request arrest records/incident reports, call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 304-843-1500.
  • To ask about a case search, call the Clerk of Court at 304-845-2130.
  • To ask about arrest warrants, call the Magistrate’s Court at 304-845-4811.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call 304- 845-3580.

Crime statistics of Marshall County

Due to an increase of 49% in Marshall County’s yearly crime average, around 75 criminal complaints were filed in 2019, as compared to 51 in 2018. More than 60 of these reports were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent offenses.

More than 20 burglaries and 35 larceny thefts were reported as property offenses. The violent offenses reported included 9 cases of assault.

Earlier crime rates

In Marshall County, WV, every year, almost 350 cases are filed against criminal acts. However, most of these, at nearly 90%, are instances of property crimes. In contrast, violent criminal incidents contribute less than 10% to the annual crime rate. A concerning trend that emerges upon comparing the crime figures of the last few years is that there has been a significant rise in both violent and reported crimes.

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