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Like all other WV geographical divisions, an arrest warrant search in Webster County can be launched either through the sheriff’s office or the magistrate’s court. Both agencies play an active role in the issue of all detention directives. While active warrants bear the signature of the sitting judge of the local criminal court, it is the police who come forth with the petition that is needed for the release of these orders.

Once cops have enough information to claim reasonable certainty that a crime did occur in their jurisdiction and that a particular individual committed it, this data is put down on paper and taken to court. Known as the probable cause affidavit, this is the quintessential document that forms the core of the entire warrant issue process.

The magistrate will only sign an arrest warrant after determining that there is reasonable cause to hold the accused responsible for the criminal act in question. The magistrate’s office and the sheriff will have details on the issue of all decrees for arrests. They will keep details on all outstanding warrants from Webster County along with arrest records.

The county clerk’s department that maintains the repository of court dockets also has access to this information because they keep case records for all local courts’ matters. So, to initiate an inquiry into the issue of warrants and arrests made under them, you can go to:

  • The sheriff: 2 Court Square G3, Webster Springs, West Virginia 26288
  • The magistrate: 112 Bell St, Addison (Webster Springs), WV 26288
  • The clerk of court: As above

Webster County has a total crime risk index of 49, which is considerably lower than the 69 clocked in by the state and the 100 of the country. In terms of crime categories, murder has the highest risk rate of 109 instead of the West Virginia average of 61 and the national average of 100. The lowest crime rate is of robbery with a risk of the index of just 6.

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