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An arrest warrant search in Pocahontas County, WV, is considered a standard approach to procuring crime history information due to the vast amount of data dispensed in response to these inquiries. By and large, private crime information sellers offer the most convenient setting for conducting searches on active warrants and arrest records and the maximum amount of information to their applicants.

Because these agencies work across all states and are not restricted to a specific county or geographical division of the country, they end up collecting information on arrest warrants issued by all federal, state, and municipal level tribunals across the United States. Now, compare this with the approach taken by government agencies.

Local laws bind these. Since crime history data from outside WV is off-limits to civilians, they cannot venture outside of their jurisdiction when offering information on arrests and active warrants from Pocahontas County. Another grouse that people harbor against these services is that they only operate when personal inquiries are launched.

So, you will have to go to the agency office of your choosing to get the data you need, or you could write to them, but this will be the approach that yields the slowest results. If you would like to connect with a private entity for information on outstanding warrants, fill the form on top of this page, or you could get in touch with a state agency by visiting 900A 10th Ave, Marlinton, West Virginia 24954.

The county clerk’s office, the magistrate’s court, and the sheriff’s department all work out of the same location, so you won’t have to strive too hard to reach more than one agency to find information on PocahontasCounty arrest warrants and civil cases held by them.

What Pocahontas County agency should you approach for an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry? (Update: 2021)          

  • Sheriff’s Office, to request arrest records- 304-799-4445.
  • Tygart Valley Regional Jail, to know about recent arrests-304- 637-0382.
  • Magistrate’s Court, to know about arrest warrants-304-799-6603.
  • Court Clerk, for judicial records- 304-799-4604.
  • County Attorney’s Office, for victim’s assistance- 304-799-6424.

Crime statistics of Pocahontas County

Overall, the law and order situation of Pocahontas County showed a promising trend, with a decrease in the rates of both violent and property crime in 2019. As compared to the violent crime average of 2.74 cases/1000 residents of 2018, in the following year, the annual average stood at 1.46 incidents/1000 persons.

Similarly, the annual average of property-related offenses dipped from 13.8 cases/1000 residents in 2018 to just 7.9 cases/1000 persons in 2019.

Earlier crime rates

In Pocahontas County, West Virginia, almost 35 criminal incident reports are lodged annually. From 2001 to 2007, nearly 230 criminal complaints were filed in the area, with about 23 violent crimes.

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