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Once you go in for an arrest warrant search in Pendleton County, WV, you will not just be told about the criminal involvements of your subjects but also you stand to get detailed information on how the various cases against this person were sorted out. For example, you can get details on arrests as well as the issue of active warrants in matters that have already been disposed by the judiciary and those at the trial stages.

To initiate any inquiry on crime history, it would be most appropriate to start with the office of the sheriff. The police are the state petitioners for most legal provisions including Pendleton County arrest warrants. For getting these directives sanctioned, they have to file an affidavit with the judicial bench. The writ is supposed to outline the circumstances of the criminal occurrence and offer a description of the proof available against the alleged perpetrator.

This document is held as the basis for the pre-warrant hearing and the eventual release of the active warrant from Pendleton County. The magistrate may also call in the witnesses in a bid to ensure that the police have enough cause to suspect the accused in question. Once the active warrant is released, the police are expected to make arrests under the provisions of the order.

After a Pendleton County outstanding warrant is served, the police send a notice of this to both judicial agencies that were involved in issuing it; that is the office of the magistrate and the county clerk. This is done through the return of the arrest warrant. Hence, to find details on Pendleton County arrest records, you can go to either of the three agencies mentioned below:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 687, Franklin, West Virginia 26807
  • The magistrate’s: 100 S Main St, Franklin, WV 26807,
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 1167, Franklin, West Virginia 26807

Crime statistics for Pendleton County, West Virginia are only available for 2005. Over this year, only 2 criminal incidents were reported in the area. While this would be conspicuously lower than the other geographical divisions of the state, there is no telling if these figures can actually be attributed to low incidents rates or faulty reporting.

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