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To settle your suspicions about an individual by conducting an arrest record search in Hampshire County, the state of Arkansas makes arrest history and warrant information readily available to its residents. Before beginning your warrant search it’s important to have an accurate understanding of what an arrest warrant is and what it entails.

An a active warrant or outstanding warrant in Hampshire County (as well as in all other counties across the USA) means that local authorities are pursuing an individual and will arrest him/her upon contact. A warrant is issued by a judge or the clerk of courts authorizing law enforcement agencies to detain the individual that is believed to have committed an illegal act.

You can search for an active warrant in Hampshire County WV by simply visiting the county’s official web page. Use the following link: http://hampshirecountysheriffwv.com/wanted.html.

When using the county’s database you will need the correct last name of the person you are inquiring about.

You can also call the Warrants Unit during normal business hours and weekdays at 304-822-3894 to inquire about an arrest warrant for a specific person. Also, the local sheriff’s department website continually updates their Hampshire County active warrants page. On this page, you will also find a most wanted list.

For detailed insight on a person’s criminal past, you can visit the circuit clerk to inquire about the criminal code violated that led to an arrest warrant being issued in Hampshire County plus other important details regarding the case in hand. The county circuit clerk’s office is located right at 50 South High Street Romney WV,26757. You can also contact their office via phone at304-822-5022.

In Hampshire County over 700 crimes were reported over a span of seven years. One hundred and thirty four of those reported crimes were violent. Statistics show that often a crime happens less than one and a half mile away from the home of the victim. In recent years, crime has drastically increased by ninety two percent.

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